Wednesday, 4 May 2011


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My name is Krystle and I have decided to start a blog about my families journey with Montessori Education - with a school and at home.
I plan on my children attending a Montessori school until they start High school, and they are currently on waiting lists.

So in the meantime I have decided to try some Montessori Homeschooling. I have purchased the NAMC's 3–6 Montessori Homeschool Program and plan on giving it a go when it arrives.

"The program provides you with the curriculum, materials, preparation instructions, and support you will need to build a solid homeschool foundation for your child throughout the preschool years. The program is rooted in Montessori philosophy and methodology and is designed to meet the cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development needs of your child"

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Montessori::

The Montessori method is a child-centered, developmental approach to education that has been in practice for over 100 years. Dr. Maria Montessori developed the method based on her scientific observation of children and the concept that children are the best judges of their needs. In a Montessori environment children:

* thrive within the bounds of a carefully prepared environment
* are free to choose their work activities
* are able to work at an individual pace
* use carefully designed materials
* are motivated to learn through discovery
* develop concentration
* build self-discipline
* foster a love for learning

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  1. Congrats on you leap into homeschooling (even if it is only for a while)! I hope that you guys have as much fun as we have had! Good luck, cant wait to see what you post!